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GigaScience aims to revolutionize reproducibility of analyses, data dissemination, organization, understanding, and use. As an open access and open-data journal, we publish all research objects (data, software tools and workflows) from 'big data' studies across the entire spectrum of life and biomedical sciences.

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  1. Research

    Draft genome of the living fossil Ginkgo biloba

    Rui Guan, Yunpeng Zhao, He Zhang, Guangyi Fan, Xin Liu, Wenbin Zhou, Chengcheng Shi, Jiahao Wang, Weiqing Liu, Xinming Liang, Yuanyuan Fu, Kailong Ma, Lijun Zhao, Fumin Zhang, Zuhong Lu, Simon Ming-Yuen Lee…

    Published on: 21 November 2016

  2. Meeting abstracts

    2015 Brainhack Proceedings

    R. Cameron Craddock, Pierre Bellec, Daniel S. Margules, B. Nolan Nichols, Jörg P. Pfannmöller, AmanPreet Badhwar, David Kennedy, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Roberto Toro, Ben Cipollini, Ariel Rokem, Daniel Clark, Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski, R. Cameron Craddock, R. Cameron Craddock, Daniel J. Clark…

    Published on: 1 November 2016

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  1. Review

    Tissue sampling methods and standards for vertebrate genomics

    Pamela BY Wong, Edward O Wiley, Warren E Johnson, Oliver A Ryder, Stephen J O’Brien, David Haussler, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Marlys L Houck, Polina Perelman, Gabriela Mastromonaco, Andrew C Bentley, Byrappa Venkatesh, Ya-ping Zhang and Robert W Murphy

    Published on: 12 July 2012

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GigaDB: Latest Datasets

GigaScience can host all relevant data and tools from articles published in the journal in its affiliated database, GigaDB* under a public domain CC0 waiver. All datasets hosted in GigaDB are assigned a DOI that allows data citation**. GigaDB can also provide hosting and DOIs for Software, Containers and Workflows integrated into our GigaGalaxy server, making research more reproducible and easier to build on. For information on how to submit data with your manuscript, see the instructions for authors.

*Submission of data to GigaScience for hosting by GigaDB does not serve as a replacement for community-approved public repositories. Where possible, all supporting data and code should also be made available in a suitable public repository.

**GigaDB is tracked by the Data Citation Index.

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Co-published with BGI

BGI was founded in Beijing in 1999 with the mission of supporting scientific and technological development, building strong research teams, and promoting international partnerships. Now the world’s largest genomics organization, in 2007, BGI relocated to Shenzhen as the first citizen-managed, non-profit research institution in China. To further its goals of making scientific information broadly accessible, BGI, in collaboration with BioMed Central, is now contributing to scientific communication by publishing the open access international research journal GigaScience and hosting its integrated database GigaDB.