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Table 1 Neurofeedback participant diagnoses

From: The preprocessed connectomes project repository of manually corrected skull-stripped T1-weighted anatomical MRI data

Diagnosis #
No diagnosis or condition on Axis I 59
Major depressive disorder, past 26
Alcohol abuse, past 21
Cannabis abuse, current 11
Cannabis dependence, past 11
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, current 10
Alcohol dependence, past 5
Posttraumatic stress disorder, current 5
Specific phobia, past 5
Generalized anxiety disorder, current 4
Cocaine abuse, past 2
Cocaine dependence, past 2
Hallucinogen abuse, past 2
Agoraphobia without history of panic disorder, current 2
Anorexia nervosa, past 2
Anxiety disorder not otherwise specified, current 2
Panic disorder with agoraphobia, past 2
Panic disorder without agoraphobia, past 2
Social phobia current 2
Alcohol abuse, current 1
Amphetamine dependence, past 1
Bereavement 1
Body dysmorphic disorder, current 1
Bulimia nervosa, current 1
Delusional disorder mixed type 1
Eating disorder not otherwise specified, past 1
Hallucinogen dependence, past 1
Major depressive disorder, current 1
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, current 1
Opioid abuse, past 1
Phencyclidine abuse, past 1
Sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic dependence, past 1
Trichotillomania 1