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Table 1 Catfish genome assembly and annotation statistics

From: High-quality genome assembly of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus

Genome assembly
 Contig N50 size (kb) 48.5
 Contig number (>100 bp) 66,332
 Scaffold N50 size (Mb) 7.2
 Scaffold number (>100 bp) 31,979
 Total length (Mb) 845.4
 Genome coverage (X) 201.6
 Longest scaffold (bp) 26,612,498
Genome annotation
 Protein-coding gene number 21,556
 Mean transcript length (kb) 16.1
 Mean exons per gene 8.7
 Mean exon length (bp) 190.2
 Mean intron length (bp) 1872.4