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Table 3 RNA-Seq samples used for annotation

From: Genome sequence of the olive tree, Olea europaea

Accession Tissue Varietal
ERS1146989 Immature olives Farga
ERS1146988 Roots Farga
ERS1135096 Old leaves Farga
ERS1135095 Young leaves Farga
ERS1135094 Flowers Farga
ERS1135093 Flower buds Farga
ERS1135092 Green olives Farga
SRP000653 Fruits Coratina
SRP005630 Buds Picual, Arbequina
SRP044780 Leaves, Roots Picual
SRP016074 Fruits, leaves, stems and seeds Picula x Arbequina
SRP017846 Fruits Istrska belica
SRP024265 Leaves, Roots Kalamon