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Table 1 Accession numbers for L. hesperus sequence reads and assembled transcripts

From: De novo construction of an expanded transcriptome assembly for the western tarnished plant bug, Lygus hesperus

Sample Short Read Archive BioSample BioProject
10-day-old adultsa    
 4 °C SRX483635, SRX483674, SRX483877 SAMN02679940-42 PRJNA238835
 25 °C SRX483950, SRX484037, SRX484042 SAMN02679943-45 "
 39 °C SRX484076, SRX484077, SRX484079 SAMN02679946-48 "
 Male SRX317887, SRX317888 SAMN02222162-63 PRJNA210219
 Female SRX317885, SRX317886 SAMN02222160-61 "
Accessory Gland    
 Mated SRX318362, SRX318363 SAMN02222164-65 PRJNA210220
 Unmated SRX318364, SRX318365 SAMN02222166-67 "
Head SRX1072689, SRX1155625, SRX1155629 SAMN03792993-95 PRJNA284294
  1. aData from Hull et al. 2014 [3]