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Table 1 NCBI BLAST+ Galaxy tools

From: NCBI BLAST+ integrated into Galaxy

Galaxy tool name Description Reference(s)
NCBI BLAST+ blastp Protein vs protein [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ blastn Nucleotide vs nucleotide [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ blastx Translated nucleotide vs protein [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ tblastn Protein vs translated nucleotide [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ tblastx Translated nucleotide vs translated nucleotide [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ makeblastdb Make BLAST nucleotide or protein database [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ makeprofiledb Make BLAST protein domain database [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ blastdbcmd entry(s) Extract sequence(s) from BLAST database [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ blastdbcmd info Show BLAST database information [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ dustmasker Nucleotide masking using the DUST algorithm [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ segmasker Protein masking using the SEG algorithm [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ windowmasker Window-based sequence masker [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ convert2blastmask Lowercase masking [1, 16]
NCBI BLAST+ rpsblast Protein vs protein domain [16, 39]
NCBI BLAST+ rpstblastn Translated nucleotide vs protein domain [16, 39]
  1. Each row lists a separate Galaxy tool, all available from on the Galaxy Tool Shed [9]. A separate Galaxy tool is listed for each different underlying NCBI BLAST+ command line tool, except for the blastdbcmd command line tool, whose two main functions are represented as two separate Galaxy tools. We intend to add further wrappers later, including for the command line tools psiblast and deltablast