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Fig. 5

From: Building a multi-scaled geospatial temporal ecology database from disparate data sources: fostering open science and data reuse

Fig. 5

The workflow used to create LAGOS, including the research decisions needed to design the database. Once the research decisions have been made (grey boxes), the workflow is divided into three modules: building the multi-themed GEO data module (green boxes); georeferencing the site-level data (orange boxes); and building the site-level data module (blue boxes). The black boxes with white text identify the Additional files (AF) that describe each element in further detail and the red text provides the programming language or software used for each step. ARCGIS is ArcGIS, Ver 10.1 (ESRI); FGDC is the Federal Geographic Data Committee metadata standard; EXCEL is Microsoft Excel; TAUDEM is the TauDEM Version 5 suite of models to analyze topographical data; PYTHON is the Python programming language; SQL is structured query language used in the PostgreSQL database system; R is the R statistical language [36]; and EML is ecological metadata language

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