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Table 4 Correspondence between blueberry flavonoid biosynthesis ESTs and blueberry gene models

From: RNA-Seq analysis and annotation of a draft blueberry genome assembly identifies candidate genes involved in fruit ripening, biosynthesis of bioactive compounds, and stage-specific alternative splicing

Gene ESTs Gene Id
VcANR CV091176, EG026069 CUFF.29797
anthocyanidin reductase
VcDFR JK655064, JK655458, JK664855, JK666169 CUFF.50634
dihydroflavonol reductase
VcUFGT JK664803, JK666412, JK661182, JK663155 CUFF.20951
VcMYBPA1 JK664730, JQ085966 CUFF.51789
R2R3 MYB transcription factor JK664730, JQ085966 CUFF.14288
VcF3′H JK654488 CUFF.39752
(JK663426, JK666734, JK667006, JK667133, JK667135, JK655710 not found)  
VcF3′5′H JK666610 Gene.g10884.t1
flavonoid 3′,5′-hdroxylase JK666329, JK664585 CUFF.51728
JK665366, JK665058 CUFF.53209
JK664236 CUFF.51711
  1. Previously identified ESTs encoding flavonoid biosynthesis enzymes and regulators were aligned to the blueberry genome. Alignments were visualized alongside the blueberry gene models in Integrated Genome Browser to identify newly annotated genes for each EST.