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Table 1 Published plant studies utilizing optical mapping for the improvement of de novo genome assemblies

From: Optical mapping in plant comparative genomics

Organism Sequence size Details of improvement Reference
Oryza sativa 373 Mb Corrected 23 potential errors in the BAC tiling path Kawahara et al. 2013 [18]
Zea Mays 2,061 Mb Placed 60/66 FPC contigs; Replaced 12 FPC contigs Zhou et al. 2009 [12]
Medicago truncatula 412 Mb Scaffold N50 improved from 4.2 Mb to 49.2 Mb (8 pseudomolecules); Evidence used in genome version Mt4.0 Tang et al. 2014 [11]
Amborella trichocarpa 706 Mb Scaffold N50 improved from 4.9 Mb to 9.3 Mb Chamala et al. 2013 [6]
Prunus mume 237 Mb Scaffold N50 improved from 578Kb to 1.1 Mb Zhang et al. 2012 [18]
Solanum lycopersicum 760 Mb Fully compatible with FISH results but suggested only 22/38 compatible with linkage map; Evidence used in genome release SL2.5 Shearer et al. 2014 [20]
Aegilops tauschii 2.1 Mb Sequence completeness improved from 75% to 95% Hastie et al. 2013 [21]
  1. BAC, Bacterial-artificial chromosome; FISH, Fluorescent in situ hybridization; FPC, Fingerprinted contig.