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Table 1 Sequence and assembled transcript accessions

From: De novo assembly of the common marmoset transcriptome from NextGen mRNA sequences

Tissue Animal ID SRA accessions TSA accessions
Skeletal muscle 2218 SRX285593 GAMQ01000001-GAMQ01033528
Bladder 2218 SRX285538 GAMT01000001-GAMT01041104
Hippocampus 2218 SRX285591 GAMS01000001-GAMS01044498
Cerebral cortex 2219 SRX285592 GAMR01000001-GAMR01044112
Cerebellum 2219 SRX285594 GAMP01000001-GAMP01046724
  1. SRA, Sequence Read Archive; TSA, Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly.