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Table 1 A selection of entries vs baseline algorithms

From: Sequence squeeze: an open contest for sequence compression

Entry number and entrant Best in category Result bzip2 result
101: James Bonfield Compression ratio 0.1141 0.3007
61: James Bonfield Compression time 109.9 1020.97
28: Ryan Braganza Compression memory 15040 5200
7: James Bonfield Decompression time 100.91 104.5
28: Ryan Braganza Decompression memory 13472 5008
  1. The results from running bzip2 are shown against the winning entries in each category of the contest. Full results from all entries, including links to their source code, are available on the Sequence Squeeze website [4]. Compression ratios are the ratio of compressed file size to original file size (smaller is better). Times are in clockface seconds. Memory usage is peak in kilobytes. Entries with less than 100% round-trip accuracy are excluded.