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Figure 21

From: Assemblathon 2: evaluating de novo methods of genome assembly in three vertebrate species

Figure 21

Parallel coordinate mosaic plot showing performance of all assemblies in each key metric. Performance of bird, fish, and snake assemblies (panels AC) as assessed across ten key metrics (vertical lines). Scales are indicated by values at the top and bottom of each axis. Each assembly is a colored, labeled line. Dashed lines indicate teams that submitted assemblies for a single species whereas solid lines indicate teams that submitted assemblies for multiple species. Key metrics are CEGMA (number of 458 core eukaryotic genes present); COVERAGE and VALIDITY (of validated Fosmid regions, calculated using COMPASS); OPTICAL MAP 1 and OPTICAL MAP 1–3 (coverage of optical maps at level 1 or at all levels); VFRT SCORE (summary score of validated Fosmid region tag analysis), GENE-SIZED (the amount of an assembly’s scaffolds that are 25 Kbp or longer); SCAFFOLD NG50 and CONTIG NG50 (the lengths of the scaffold or contig that takes the sum length of all scaffolds/contigs past 50% of the estimated genome size); REAPR SCORE (summary score of scaffolds from REAPR tool).

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